Your property in good hands

We offer the most comprehensive, personalized residential property management and maintenance packages in the entire valley. And we only work with a handful of select clientele.

You can be confident your home will be taken care of with the highest level of tailored, ethical service.  Your home will be in the best of hands with our team.



Our Property Management & Maintenance Services

Weekly Inspections

We personally check on your home once a week to make sure everything is ship shape and in good standing order. We have a 12 point inspection checklist that we follow on every checkup. We look for everything from signs of entry and tampering to leaks and other maintenance issues: See below for a full account of what we regularly inspect.

Maintenance & Repairs

Being a local has it’s perks. The biggest one being that we have established relationships with the most reliable, affordable and professional service providers in the valley. If something on your home needs attention, we know who to call. And not to brag, but we know our own way around a tool chest. If there is a simple issue, we’ll probably just fix it on the spot.


Steamboat doesn’t exactly have a reputation for high crime, but petty theft and acts of vandalism do occur once in a while. We’re here to act as a “presence at home” while you’re away. And in the rare instance you do have a break-in, we work with the local authorities and your insurance company to make sure you home is restored and secured.

Landscaping & Snow Removal

The last thing you want to deal with when you arrive on vacation is shoveling your drive and walkways, or mowing your lawn. We manage regular snow removal and lawn maintenance as well as any landscaping services you may require.


When it comes to getting work done on your home, you want contractors you can trust. We know the best tradesmen in the business. We will be your eyes and ears on the ground to make sure your home renovation or remodel project stays on schedule and on budget.


There is nothing worse than having to clean while you’re on vacation. Let us manage the dirty work. We contract with fully licensed and insured professionals to take care of all your housekeeping needs.

Miscellaneous Maintenance.

As a homeowner, you know there is always something to maintain, clean or repair just to keep your home in top working order. We can schedule hot tub maintenance, septic services, pest control, window cleaning services, just to name a few.

On-Call 24 Hours a Day

Our job is to be here when you’re not. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously, and we know that communication is the key to our success. We’ll be here for you when you need us.

Our 12 Point Inspection Checklist:

The following list includes items that we regularly check on all our properties. If your home has any unique features that need additional attention, we are happy to oblige.

1. We walk the property and perimeter of the house looking for signs of unwanted visitors or any maintenance issues.

2. We check all the doors and windows looking for signs of entry or tampering and ensure everything is shut and locked.

3. If you have an alarm system, we make sure it is armed and functioning.

4. We look for any signs of infestation or critters getting into your crawlspace, garage or home.

5. Inside the house, we look for any leaks, or signs of cracking pipes and water damage.

6. We run the water through your taps and faucets to ensure pipes are flowing and not frozen.

7. We verify the thermostat is working and set to an appropriate temperature for the season.

8. We verify all appliances are working or are off (i.e. refrigerator should be on, stove off

9. We visually inspect for any damage or maintenance issues – loose door handles, clogged toilets, etc…

10. If you have a vehicle, we make sure it is secure and undamaged by weather or critters (human or otherwise).

11. We double check our own work and make sure that we leave the property locked and secured.

12. We provide you with an update via text, phone call or email – whatever your preference, after each inspection.